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Michael Meredith

About me

Connection to nature, animals & people has always been at the heart of my life! After training as a physiologist & veterinary surgeon, I worked as animal healer & trainer of veterinarians until a mid-life death/rebirth experience which culminated in an unexpected visionary calling to the Shamanic Path in 1997. I trained with many teachers and went on to run my own shamanism courses plus workshops at UK national conferences of Shamanic Practitioners. I am a mentored leader of sacred dance & song with the “Dances of Universal Peace” movement, co-founder of Cambridge Healing & Holistic Lifestyle Group and the “UK Shamanism Today” group on Facebook. My healing and teaching work draws on ancient indigenous + modern psychotherapeutic tools,. also coaching in intuitive & psychic skills, meditation & mindfulness, stress-management, energy-healing, soul retrieval & psychic protection. My soul-path is internal + external harmony + integrated honouring of Ancestors, Nature, Community & Spirit!

Degree / Credentials

B.Sc (Phys), B.VetMed, MA, PhD, City & Guilds PTLLS





Experience Level

Shamanic Practitioner



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