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Barbara Martin

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I started out with shamanism 40 years ago when I wrote my thesis about shamanism and graduated with a Masters degree in Holistic Healing Arts from Lesley College, Cambridge, MA. I thought I’d left shamanism behind when I began having strange experiences I couldn’t explain and that honestly frightened me. On the recommendation of a friend I sought help from Deborah Wray, a shaman from the Peruvian tradition in Batesville, VA. Her work was amazing and very effective. As I began to trust my intuitive senses, I studied energy work with Kirsten Mynster at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. I began my energy work practice 5 years ago. I also studied with Deborah Wray at her Gateway School of Shamanism, completing both of her courses. After completing my studies with Deborah I decided to move from my energy work practice into a shamanic healing practice. I have been seeing clients for 3 years.







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Shamanic Practitioner

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South American Shamanism

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Shamanic Healing

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