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      I am on board with those who point out correctly that the power animals will explain themselves; the answers aren’t in books.

      THe emphasis is on healing power. In authentic shamanic work, the healing power is unmistakable and produces results. Only you can decide whether you have seen evidence of results. You’ll know it by a sense of wonder and awe and a kind of tingling: it is electrifying. It may manifest to you as synchronicity, as an out-and-out healing, as a seeming miracle (such as an accurate precognitive dream) or in some other way. Once you know the healing power is there with a particular guide, then you can and should trust the guide to provide all necessary information.

      Books do not have power in themselves. They may be the conduit of power if you are guided to a particular book.

      That sense of the presence of Spirit is the only reliable guide, and its reliability is absolute. This comes with experience, not books.

      This is not to say that books can’t be helpful–go where you are drawn and where you find healing power. That is what matters.

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