Dreaming Wild – Every Day is Earth Day


Let's gather together and take a shamanic journey into the heart of Mama Earth. We will journey with the drum, connect and listen to the land with open hearts. What does our Mother wish to share with us this month? How can we honor and assist her? --- Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83605167861?pwd=YWs5bnp4MUQyR2VzVVRmbzAxNE1LQT09 Meeting ID: 836 […]

Event Series Plant Spirit Psychopomp

Plant Spirit Psychopomp


What is a psychopomp?   A conductor of souls or spirits, a being who knows how to guide souls making a transition. The work of a psychopomp is important, not just for the compassionate care of those who’s bodies have died (souls or spirits), but also for the health of those who have living bodies. […]