Training & Initiation in the Art of Guiding Ceremonial Wilderness Rites of Passage

Asheville, North Carolina

What’s the grandest expression of your medicine?  Are you clear that we are all here on the planet with a purpose? And that part of your purpose is helping others discover and live their purpose. Have you faced your own initiations and emerged out the other side with a deeper knowing of who you are […]

$5500 – $5800

The Road Ahead and Awakening the Wild Heart

Asheville, North Carolina

Join us for this powerful and inspiring weekend of finding our individual and collective voices through poetry, stories, solo time in nature, and individual & group ceremony. Together we will draw upon our own stories as we gather the medicine of clarity, wisdom, healing, and gratitude to live a more authentic and inspired life. You […]

$315 – $350

11 Day Encampment & Vision Quest Ceremony

Cadiz, Spain

Deep within your soul lies a fire that directs your passion and purpose. Often this flame lies quiet like the ancient whispers of smoldering embers; sometimes directed by those internal voices, not belonging to you, that came from another time and place. You reach out to your brothers and sisters and echo these words: WHO […]

$2100 – $2400