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Event Series Event Series: The Alchemy of Forgiveness

The Alchemy of Forgiveness

June 24, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 8:30 am MDT


“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that prisoner was you.”

Forgiveness is letting go of the hope for a better past. But how do we do that when the past is what made us? And when the harms from the past still hurt today? And when the people who hurt us never made it right?

This course is for people experiencing a “Crisis of Forgiveness.” In other words, your life has become limited by something or someone who hurt you in the past, and you’re having emotional, spiritual, or psychic ‘crisis’ where you experience any of the following:

  • Intrusive thoughts of the person who hurt you

  • Replaying the scene over and over, even if it happened years ago

  • Rehearsing dialogue for when you next see the person who hurt you

  • Jealousy or anger that they seemed to get off scot free and you were left paying the emotional bill

  • Inability to fully enjoy or even stay in the present moment

  • Fear of seeing the person who hurt you either in person or on social media

  • Feeling primarily defined by what happened to you and who hurt you

  • Loss of trust in Spirit and the benevolence of the Universe

The Alchemy of Forgiveness is a four-module self-directed course that can help address some of these things. In four modules, I’ll share what’s helped me identify the root of resentment, what puts me back in my seat of spiritual power, tools that work for small hurts, and rituals that have helped me conquer the Goliath unforgivables.

We’ll also talk about how forgiveness doesn’t have to be tied to the other person and whether or not they ever understand or agree that they hurt you. Forgiveness is about two things; our relationship to our resentments, and our relationship to Spirit. We’ll focus mainly on the first, with a healthy dash of the second.

Finally – and encouragingly – forgiveness is not something we do. It’s a gift of grace granted to us by Spirit when we do the work I’ll teach you in this course.

None of this will be easy; it never has been for me. But these practices are the only thing that have set me free to fully bless my past, to fully enjoy my present, and to fully trust that the future is for me too.


Modules and Materials

Each module will include a teaching, a recorded meditation, journaling prompts or visualization exercises, and a link to a resource to explore further. You’ll need a journal, a candle, water, salt, and eventually a fire. We’ll also have a weekly Q&A to go deeper on anything that you need help with.

Module One: The Energy of Resentments, Blame, and Spiritual Debt

“Resentment is anger looking for payback. It’s also a high-interest-earning emotion. Each new resentment is added to the ones from before.”

We’ll explore the relationship between expectations, judgments, and resentments. We’ll talk about power leaks and giving away our power. We’ll cover energetic and emotional containers and the spiritual cost of holding a debt for someone else. We’ll also look at the power-draining effects of blaming others, or even ourselves for what happened

Module Two: Regaining your Seat of Power and Addressing Energy Leaks

“In the midst of winter I found there was within me an invincible summer.”

We’ll talk about what it means to stay in your power, how the three main fears (not enough time, money, love) take us out of our power, and the practice of claiming our side of the street. We’ll also explore the idea of Divine Justice v human justice, and what a ‘sentencing’ may look like from the eyes of Spirit. We’ll also touch on the idea that forgiveness does not mean there are no consequences to a person’s choices, nor that you have to open yourself up to being harmed again. Finally there will be some discussion on essence/soul agreements, karma, and lessons from Spirit in service of un-blaming the past.

Module Three: Practicing Tools for Little Hurts

“Forgiveness does not change the past but it does help enlarge the future.”

This module is all about sharing lots of little tools that have helped me chip away at my un-forgivnesses. It’s an opportunity to start practicing what you’ve learned with low-stakes experiments. We’ll explore how forgiveness is embedded in time, is complex and messy, and how each little hurt deserves our attention and love before we try to force forgiveness. We’ll talk about the difference between forgiving someone and trusting them again (hint hint; they’re not the same!) We’ll simply begin to experiment with these tools and record the results to build our faith in the power of confronting Goliath in the next Module.

Module Four: Humility, Spiritual Slingshots, and Goliath

“Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.”

If you’re like every other human being on this planet then you’ve experienced at least a few things that still hurt years after they happened. In this final module we’ll talk about what it means to get humble, get courageous, and partner with Spirit to confront the Goliath of your past. I’ve built in lots of shamanic tools and support exercises plus one or two little ‘slingshots’ designed to take out Goliath without putting yourself in harm’s way again. In other words, setting yourself up for finally freeing yourself from the Big Ones with ease, humility, joy, and the true spirit of Love.

This course is for you if:

You want to try new tools for forgiveness, you’re willing to examine your part in your resentments, you’re willing to believe that Spirit can help, you’re open to having your perspective shifted, and you’re truly ready to try living in a new way.

This course is also for you if you understand that forgiveness is a process, not an event; that there are no guarantees in life but you still want to do what you can to live a little lighter; that you’ll get out of this course what you put in.



$225 for four modules

Absolutely no refunds. Please be sure this course is for you before purchasing.

Scholarships available for 37% off tuition for BIPOC folks to reflect the National Wage Gap. Payment plans and trades are available. Email rev.cindy@kardialumina.com for details and support.


Course launches June 10th. Modules will be released at 8am MST on a weekly basis until July 8th (New Moon to New Moon).  All students will be given acces to the Kardia Lumina Mighty Networks for connection and discussion until August 31st 2021.

This course is self-directed and you will have one-year access to the materials. All students will receive 50%-off one counseling or healing session with Rev. Cindy until August 31st 2021. Instructor will be available to answer questions during the weekly Q&A through July 8th.