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Shamanic Depossession Training

March 12 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT


This comprehensive training will cover spirit possession by spirits both human and non-human, elemental beings, beings from other dimensions and beings often thought of as “dark” or “evil.”  

The basis for all the depossession work taught will be a foundation of full alignment with Divine Source and pure light without any necessity for adversarial engagement with any energies or spirits. This is very different from what Christian and other organized religions call exorcism.

This hybrid class will be offered both in person in Methuen, MA and online through Zoom 10:00 am-1:00 pm and 2:00-5:00 pm.

  • This class may be taken individually or as part of the Shamanic Light Healer Apprenticeship Program that runs from October 2022 through May 2023. A discount is available when registering for all the November through April classes. Click here for more about the full program including a list of each individual class with a link to the details. All classes will be offered through Zoom, with weekend programs also having the option to attend in person at Circles of Wisdom in Methuen, MA.



  • If you are traveling to Methuen, MA to take one or both weekend classes, please email Circles of Wisdom for the discounted rate code for a nearby Hampton Inn.

Depossession, the removing of spirits and entities from a person or place, is a critical and vital practice in shamanic healing. This class is for serious shamanic practitioners and students who will engage in this work with clients and who have already had shamanic training in Healing with Spiritual Light, Shamanic Extraction and Alignment, Psychopomp, or Deathwalking training.

If you have not had these exact classes and feel that your other shamanic training will qualify you for this class, you can email Leontine at info@eyeofeagle.org requesting to enroll in the class, explaining your previous training with a list of classes taken and the instructors.

You will learn:

  • How to set both your inner and outer energies and the energies of the space you are working from so that you can work in a strong safe energy field and are in a protected and safe environment.
  • Meditation techniques to strengthen your energy field, mind and emotions to allow you to do depossession safely.
  • Meet and merge with compassionate helping spirit teams who will work with you doing depossession.
  • How to deal with strong dark spirits and “negative” energies and entities in a safe and easy way.
  • How to recognize and clear possessing spirits that masquerade as friendly or cloak, disguise or hide.
  • How to recognize, communicate with and clear possessing spirits of disembodied souls that are stuck in the middle world including ones who are resistant to psychopomp.
  • How to work with quartz crystals in depossession healing work.
  • How to heal the client after depossession and repair their energy field to repel and prevent further attempts by spirits to possess them.
  • How to empower, protect, clear and restore your own energy and the energy of space after doing depossession work .
  • How to deal with multiple possessing entities and spirits.
  • A powerful depossession method from ancient Chinese medicine that is easy and effective.

For more details and registration, please visit the course page on the Circles of Wisdom website.  


Online Via Zoom OR at Circles of Wisdom in Methuen, MA
386 Merrimack St #1A
Methuen, MA 01844 United States
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(978) 474-8010
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Leontine Hartzell
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