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Crafting Good Endings + Wintering Well

December 1, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am MST

$98 – $277

A four week course for creating effective endings and letting winter nurture your soul.


This is a four week course in learning how to craft good endings in service to our true rest and power. Without good endings our energy gets tied up in the past, our memories keep us up at night, we spin our wheels with no traction, and we just don’t get good rest. Since winter is the the time for rest, it’s important to learn how to use this season well to create good endings and prepare for sacred darkness. The key to wintering well is making sure we’re spiritually and emotionally clean and good endings are the best way to do that

Each week’s syllabus will include a 20-30 minute recorded teaching on both audio and video, a guided practice or meditation, and some fun (really!) homework. Bonuses include music, connections to other teachers, and tarot readings on the theme.

More details below about the Advent Calendar and Quantum Healing Add-ons.


Week One – Good Grief Good endings are first and foremost about good grief. We’ll explore the grief in all kinds of endings, even the happy ones like graduations, getting married, and having children. We’ll also look at the hidden costs of endings which show up most often as grief, the emotional expression of how much we loved something. To have a good ending, we must first honor the grief.

Week Two – Present Time Endings This week we’ll do the work of calling ourselves back from the past, liberating ourselves from unfinished work in virtual reality loops, and welcome home the soldiers of our heart. An ending needs to be witnessed by all parts of yourself, especially the parts that may be still trying to fix, finish, or heal the past. We’ll also work with the Spirits who tend to death like Anubis, Charon, Atropos, Magdalena, and more. A little ally work can go a long way.

Week Three – Holy Hibernation Once our grief is grieved and our endings are made real, we can begin to enter the place of holy rest. On this second-to-last week of the Solar Year, we’ll engage the deepest practices of healing darkness. I’m going to get a little nerdy about mitochondria, melatonin, and true darkness in this class and we’ll do some practices to remind your body of the power of cold, darkness, and winter.

Week Four – Peace This is the reason we craft good endings and winter well; to arrive at peace on the darkest nights of the year. Peace is not just an aspiration, but is a great healer. We’ll work with St. John of the Cross, the desert Ammas and Abbas of the 2nd and 3rd centuries, and a few medieval mystics who know a thing or two about God’s peace and silence.


This course is paired with a handmade Advent Calendar designed to help you build and activate your winter altar this year. Each daily envelope contains a teaching and an altar practice; something to add, something to find, something to offer up, or something to ask for from your alter. I’ve got Vincent Van Gogh, Mary Olivar, Jan Richardson, and Jesus himself lined up to offer you the wisdom of the ages for your best wintering altar yet.


This course is designed to stir you up and so I want you to be well supported while you do this work. Take advantage of this discounted Quantum Healing Price when you purchase this package and keep yourself in balance and harmony as you craft your good endings.


Course Only (no Calendar) – $98

Advent Altar Calendar only (no Course) – $111

Advent Calendar + Course – $188

Advent Calendar + Course + Healing Session – $277

Scholarships available.Contact rev.cindy@kardialumina.com for easy application to scholarship assistance.

Online course will be hosted on Padlet.com and no app download is required. Link to workshop will be supplied after purchase. All Calendar orders must be placed by November 16th. Course available for access December 1st on Padlet. All healing sessions must be used by January 31st 2023.


I am an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and follower of the Franciscan mystical tradition, as well as a student and guest of the Peruvian Shipibo and Mexican Huichol indigenous traditions who currently receive a tithe from my annual income. I’ve worked as a hospital chaplain in the cardiovascular unit, as a hospice chaplain, and now as spiritual counselor and shamanic song healer for people of all walks of faith.I’m a perpetual student of Christian mythology and have learned many things about the teachings of Christ from the hundreds of iterations this tradition has taken in the past two millennia. I offer this course as my small contribution to the ongoing revelation of the power of human beings who live their lives anointed by Spirit – which is, as I hope you know, all of us.


Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber, Rev. Reagan Humber and the theologically brilliant congregants at House for All Sinners and Saints, Jose Stevens and The Power Path, Lucille Clifton, Jan Richardson, Bishop Yvette Flunder, Bishop Karen Oliveto, the members of Glide Memorial in San Francisco, the Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, and my favorite theological fiction author N.K. Jemisin.


A protion of proceeds go to support the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange in honor of the indigenous traditions from whom so much of my wisdom comes. I am always a guest in their many traditions and make it a practice to honor their primacy in my teachings.

Scholarships always available for BIPOC and queer* folks as well as anyone currently living in underserved locations. Contact rev.cindy@kardialumina.com for assistance.