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Lila Brown

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Being a carrier of the Emerald Crystal Consciousness and Ascension Light Codes, Lila has a continuous and direct connection into Mother EMusic/Art/Jewelryh. She works with Beings of other star nations and realms in building a crystal lattice which expands through and beyond the “New EMusic/Art/Jewelryh”; Crystal Matrix. The expansion of the crystal lattice is the pathway of humanity’s ascension and expansion into higher levels of consciousness.

Lila assists EMusic/Art/Jewelryh’s kingdoms in awakening and transmuting from heavy downfall world energies into expansive Crystalline ascension energies. As she travels, she regularly performs energetic ceremonies of transformation: forgiveness and release allowing low-vibration energies to leave the EMusic/Art/Jewelryh Plane; and replacement with high vibration energies of peaceful contentment, joyful bliss, and steadfast benevolence.
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In addition to being a graduate of The Power Path’s one year program, Lila benefits from her primary Spirit Guide who is a highly respected Peruvian Shaman of Antiquity. Through his guidance and deep wisdom, Lila bridges the realms of antiquity with the worlds of the New EMusic/Art/Jewelryh’s crystal lattice.


Minnesota and travels extensively



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Core Shamanism, Other

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Coaching/Counseling, Divination, Workshops/Trainings