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      In my experience there is nothing more revealing than the “messages” emanating from the “first light” of daybreak. The “light codices” of sunrise are much different than those of sunset.

      It is my perception that “Sun Gazing” activates our Ancestral DNA which expands our Awareness.

      All Honor to Grandfather Sun ☀️

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      I’ve taken Nan Moss’ Weather Shamanism Workshops (I,II,III) where you will gain a more complete understanding of how the Elementals respond to the “Energies” emanating from Gaia and All It’s Relations.

      Communing with the Elementals enables an experiential insight into why Nature abhors extremes and responds with “severe weather events” in her quest to achieve balance.

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      I too can attest to its efficacy.

      I live near Dawogiac, MI where C. Michael “Mikkal” Smith, Ph.D (Jungian Psychologist) conducts a 2 year program, Sacred Breathwork, at his Crows Nest Retreat Center. However, I did not pursue the 2 yr program but instead did weekend workshops. While effective, it’s not my personal “go to” modality.

      I would encourage those interested to experience it’s potentiality.


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