Event Series 2023-2024 Medicine Spiral – North Direction

2023-2024 Medicine Spiral – North Direction

Zoom and outside in your location

For us and our Ancestors, the arrival of Winter at Samhain is a deep and layered invitation. It is our native new year and a time of tender honouring of ourselves and Ancestors. It is a time of going within to care for the seeds of new life being born within us in the dreamtime […]

$245 – $262

Intro to Shamanic Journeying & the Spirit World

Online via ZOOM +1 more

This 7-session course will introduce you to Shamanism, it's history, and the power of shamanic journeying as a tool to enhance your life, deepen your creativity, and resolve daily challenges.  Learn about spirit guides, visit the three realms of non-ordinary reality, retrieve a personal power animal, meet a teacher in the Spirit World, receive blessings, […]