Black Lives Matter: Calling on Our Spirit Guides

by Jun 11, 2020Article, Modern Perspectives

Dear Shamanic Community,

The shamanic path teaches us responsibility to the collective dream we live within. It calls us to recognize our part in creating injustices in our communities, to take action to make amends, and to participate in creating a new and better way forward.

The task of a shamanic activist starts with looking within and listening — connecting to Spirit, calling on our guides to show us where our own work is, and asking Spirit to illuminate a path of beneficial service. And then, when we have a clear sense of knowing, to take prayerful Spirit-guided action.

This isn’t a one and done task. It is a task to visit over and over again until a new and just world is created. And just as each new step can begin with listening to our spirit guides, it can also begin with listening to the way Spirit speaks through the many voices of wisdom on our planet. Here are a few places you might start:

Black Lives Matter. May we all make steps toward creating a better way.

The Staff & Board of SSP


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  1. StevenCann

    Thank You. The desire is clean. The momentum is deep. We the People will Vote.

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