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The Lords of the Akashas: Healing Inherited Trauma and Recovering Liberation

June 4, 2022 @ 10:30 am - 1:30 pm EDT


What do we do during life’s dark times? How do we survive amid cavernous terror and soul-ripping trauma?

From the incomprehensible pain of walking through the loss of three of my children in utero, I serve as a mirror to folx who sit in loss of any kind (from losing your favorite teddy bear as a child to sexual violence). In my upcoming 4-day workshop, together, we will respond to what manages to live (survive and thrive) in the ruinous and damaged landscape of woundedness and trauma, and I will demonstrate how to piece back together the wandering fragments of our Soul from shattering loss, pain, and suffering.

We will accomplish this by discussing, at large, how trauma changes our gene expression and how we can recover ourselves. Specifically, we will learn about the Akashic Records and how to open our personal Records and commune with the Lords. And we will learn how to work in the Akashic Records to uncover an inner child wound and repair the wound. The result will be the recovery of something I call “Authentic Energy Self”.

In this course, we will explore the strange and unexpected corners of woundedness and trauma. I will help you stoke a reimagination of our actions in life by embodying grief as a pathway to conceive the life we have is as Divine as a mundane blade of grass. And so, I gather the “bones” of my babies and I stitch them together to heal and transmogrify my losses. I offer this course to you with painful urgency fueled by a ferocious and unwavering commitment to trauma healing and liberation.

We Humans Earth Walkers are entangled between what Susan Anderson (2015) calls our “inner child” and our “outer child”. The inner child is our emotional core—feelings—and craves “mothering” of our “primal” needs of sustenance, and the outer child is our self-sabotaging behaviors and desires attention—it cries, “See me!” I expand on Anderson’s work by arguing the entangled relationship between our inner and outer children create a fierce dichotomy and disequilibrium between our Divine Feminine Self and Divine Masculine Self, a breakage that is informed by what I call “false ego power”. The robust imbalance of the “self” prevents us from being able to hear our own divinity and the Divine Spirit.

The call is to rupture and release inherited trauma and engage in liberation.

Our work is to integrate our inner child and outer child into our adult selves, to reestablish the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine into a singular energetic whole or restore what I call the “divine engines of love and creativity”. The integration of our “children” yields a portal in which untenable world views, like “I need to work hard to make money”, fall away. That is, we learn to defy old unworkable paradigms or beLIEf systems of being and recreate vibrations of Oneness with Mother Earth and the Universe.


  • About “knowledge production” systems and bridge the gap between modern/”western” science and Indigenous healing knowledges and practices.
  • How to crack your grief by developing a trauma statement (your ancestral beLIEf system) that informs an inner child wound and how our outer child operates.
  • What happens when you operate and show up in the world with stagnant beLIEf systems (this is your kryptonite~it is pretty and it even sparkles, but it keeps you weak).

In this 12 hour 4-day sacred ancient knowledge (re-)production in June 2022, I will serve as your coach and mentor to teach you how to step into the sacred and ancient timeless space of the Akashic Records to learn what I call “ascension lessons”.

We will discuss a primary ascension lesson: The reconciliation of our inner and outer children. The lesson invites us to balance our energies and prompts us to become more present in our bodies and live our lives—“the good, bad, and ugly”—fully and authentically.



Academic Leader, Mystical Healer, and Overall Badass

This reading was life changing. Dr. Badruddoja immediately captured my attention when she brought up/ revealed a family secret, which needed to be healed. This reading was a blessing because it created space for me to move forward. I hold Roksana with high regards for her gifts, integrity, and compassion. –A.M., Yonkers, NY

Dr. Badruddoja is not only an ace rationalist and an analyst, but also a sharp intuitive channel. Her predictions and point of views are accurate. I have had the chance of knowing how my love life and career would shape up in the future; these questions were addressed a year ago. Today, when I look at my present, her readings were exact! Knowing Time is simultaneous and there is no specific past, present or future, one may like to think that the telling of a fortune or future would be vague. However, when you see it happening in your present and reflect what was being told to you by the channel, you do get to know and realize that every bit of it made sense. For all Akashic Record queries, I will only consult Roksana. I urge everyone to go through this enriching experience and allow yourself to be healed. Thank you so much, Roksana. – Dr. Gaurav Deka, New Delhi, India

Greetings Dr. Badruddoja! Thank you for these most relevant words. Your reading transformed me. I’m still processing. I haven’t felt the same. I have a stronger awareness and sense of reverence for my Guides. I’m ecstatic about the blessing of your gift. Thank you my Sister! You are no joke! THANK YOU!” –  CAYCE Psychic Fair Participant, NYC

Dr. Badruddoja ascertained for me the nature of consciousness that reveals who I am beyond my physical body and how the true essence of my being was designed. As an expression of divine consciousness my prime directive is to view life through the eyes of the soul and “know thy self”. I highly recommend to all seeking higher knowledge to explore with Roksana the deeper teachings of truth and accomplish everything you are meant to do. – Infinitely grateful, Peter Vazquez, NYC



“’What is trauma?’ Trauma is an internal response to an overwhelming situation that cannot be processed at that moment. That is, trauma is undigested, uncontained, and postponed energy, and it limits our capacity to live our lives fully.” 

“I urgently step away from the multilayered inadequacies and insufficiencies of ‘western’ psychotherapeutic models of trauma healing that serve to pathologize our grief. I dedicate myself to excavating critical Indigenous epistemology. I accomplish this with a deliberate and intentional blend of the personal, spiritual, and the scholarly to uncover the ways in which our narratives are often erased within material experiences.”

“When we ‘heal’, we ‘heal’ the past, including our ancestors, and we effectively transmute our future, including our descendants.”

Here is what I have learned from my irreparable heartbreak.

First, the purpose of the Light is to illuminate the Dark. Pluto Retrograde (4/29-10/8, 2022) gifts us time to embrace and integrate our Shadows and live our lives fully. Second, Spirit lives in the now, and not in our Past or Future. Our Present is our connection to the Divine. Third, the embrace of our vulnerabilities can be transgressive, radical, and healing as a mode of being (versus the “western” psychotherapeutic tradition of “overcoming”) to stake a claim, sit with, and affirm.

The teaching and knowledge of how to restore life shifts our traumas.

In this 4-day course, I offer a diverse examination into the relationship between destruction and multidimensional collaborative creation for continuing life on Earth.


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