Virtual Immersion Event

Shamanic Tools and Practices for Transitioning Times

October 22-24, 2021

A 3-Day Immersion into

Shamanic Practices for Transitioning Times

Shamanic prophecies have foretold these times for centuries.
Now we find ourselves living them.

As our planet and all beings go through enormous change and transformation, each one of us has a choice to make. How will we participate in the great turning of our times? What will we dream into being for ourselves and future generations to come? What tools and practices can help us in this unique time?

Join the Society for Shamanic Practice in a 3-Day Virtual Immersion Event to explore these questions and how shamanic practices and principles can be applied to creating a better world for the benefit of all beings and our Mother Earth.

What to Expect

 A ceremonial container to guide the entire experience

Inspiring and informative guest presentations

Group healing and journey circles

Interactive breakout groups

Many useful shamanic tools and practices

Private facebook community for connecting during and after the event

Featured Presenters

Jose Stevens, PhD

José Luis Stevens | Powerful Toltec Practices to Prepare for the Future

In this presentation Jose will demonstrate and show you how to do three or four Toltec practices that are excellent for preparing yourself for everything and anything that comes down the road. These include purifying practices, power practices, and beauty practices all of which can be wonderful additions to your shamanic toolbox. Join Jose to learn these ancient, fun, powerful, and intuitive processes.

José Luis Stevens is the president and co-founder (with wife Lena) of Power Path Seminars, an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and indigenous wisdom to business and everyday life. José completed a ten-year apprenticeship with a Huichol Maracame (shaman) in the Sierras of Central Mexico. In addition, he is studying intensively with Shipibo (shamans) in the Peruvian Amazon and with Pacos (shamans) in the Andes in Peru.

In 1983 he completed his doctoral dissertation at the California Institute of Integral Studies focusing on the interface between shamanism and western psychological counseling. Since then he has studied cross-cultural shamanism around the world to distill the core elements of shamanic healing and practice. He is the author of ten books and numerous articles including Awaken The Inner Shaman, Encounters With Power, The Power Path; Secrets of Shamanism, and Transforming Your Dragons. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Society for Shamanic Practice.

Chief Philip Scott

Chief PhilLip Scott | MITAKUYE OYASIN – All My Relations

This presentation will involve teachings on the Medicine of healing, peacemaking and allyship to reconnect us to the Earth, allow us to remember the Ancestors, rekindle our awareness of the interconnectedness of all life, rebuild community and to resanctify our relationship to the Sacred.

Of mixed Ancestry and thrice struck by Lightning, Phillip Scott has walked the Native Path for forty years, learning from and sanctioned by traditional Medicine/Holy people, tribal Spiritual leaders, Wisdomkeepers and Elders from several Indigenous cultures. Annually Sundancing in the Lakota tradition for over three decades and a member of the Native American Church, he is a Ceremonial leader and Traditional healer, entrusted to share Indigenous wisdom and Medicine practices with the contemporary world. Interviewed both nationally and internationally, his life, experience and writings have been featured in journals and books.  In addition to directing and teaching the programs at Ancestral Voice – Institute for Indigenous Lifeways in Northern California, which he founded in 1994, he maintains a private healing practice, performs Ceremonies. conducts intensives, gives lectures and leads pilgrimages worldwide. He is skilled in survival and primitive technologies, has received a Masters degree from Naropa University and is also a licensed EMT.

John and Karen Cantwelle

dr. karen ward and john Cantwell | Idir Áit – sharing Irish shamanic traditions to be fully alive between the old and the new

Idir Áit – sharing Irish shamanic traditions to be fully alive between the old and the new. ‘Idir Áit’ pronounced ‘Id-er Oy-t’ is the Irish Gaelic for ‘Between Place’. Karen and John will intersperse the allotted hour with experiential practices for paricipants to give you an opportunity to immerse in the very beautiful traditions from this side of the big pond between our fair lands.

John Cantwell and Dr.Karen Ward are husband and wife, co-founders and directors of Sli An Chroí Shamanism since 2005. They met during the auspicious week of the Solar Eclipse in August 1999 and share a life of ever deepening connection to the natural world. The ancestral lineage of Shamanism in Ireland, including that of Druidry, is a precious resource for them.  Bringing warmth, integrity and gratitude into all of their work is a vital aspect of their vocation.

After years of holistic therapy and teaching experiences coupled with shamanic initiations, they both began to hear the palpable call to invite others to awaken to their Celtic soul destiny. Taking a step into the unknown, they first opened their Clinic and School of Irish Celtic Shamanism in 2005 which has grown beyond their wildest dreams. From international travel to sit, equal but different, with indigenous people from around the world, work with a wide variety of individuals, charities and organisations to maintaining a cherished community in Ireland and online.

Dr. Steven Farmer

Dr Steven Farmer | Ceremonies to Release Fear and Anxiety

In this daunting time of major transformation, many are being called by Spirit to show up and be fully present to do what we came here to do and to be who we came here to be. There can be egoic entanglements that inhibit or interfere with us doing so and it’s more important than ever that each of us clear these as much as possible and as often as possible.

Steven will demonstrate two simple and powerful sacred ceremonies to release anything that inhibits or interferes with you accomplishing your mission.  He will leaded a guided meditation journey to enact one of these ceremonies, one which you can readily repeat in the physical world as well. For another he will outline the specific steps for you to do on your own or with a group. These are simple yet very powerful ceremonies that will help you in offering your service to the world

Dr. Steven Farmer is a licensed psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, and author of several best-selling books and oracle cards, including Animal Spirit Guides, Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals, Healing Ancestral Karma, Earth Magic, Earth Magic Oracle Cards, and Children’s Spirit Animal Cards. Dr. Farmer offers individual and couple’s consultations in person or remotely by Zoom. He draws from a wealth of training and experience as a psychotherapist, shamanic healer, and trauma recovery specialist. He offers a popular Private Mentoring program and is on the Board of Directors of Society for Shamanic Practice. For more information please visit his website  and Facebook Page:

HeatherAsh Amara

HeatherAsh Amara | Shamanic Practices for Raising and Stabilizing Your Energy

Being a shamanic practitioner during these times requires potent, practical tools for cultivating more available energy and compassionate courage.
Come learn two potent practices to keep you steady during changing times: The Toltec practice of recapitulation, and how to ground your energetic being.
Recapitulation is a tool to gather your energy from the past so you are free to choose and take sustainable, clear actions in the present. Grounding connects your being consciously to the earth, and gives you a place to store excess energy.
Together we will explore:
Two practical tools to clear and align your emotions, mind, and intent.
What it means to take radical responsibility as an energetic being and
How to align your warrior courage and your goddess/heart flow

HeatherAsh Amara is the author of numerous books, including the bestselling Warrior Goddess Training series, The Seven Secrets of Happy and Healthy Relationships with don Miguel Ruiz Jr, and The Warrior Heart Practice. She brings an openhearted, inclusive worldview to her writings and teachings. She currently stewards 180 acres of sacred land outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Visit her at

Joan Levergood

Joan Levergood | Artistic Practice: Deepening Shamanic Work with the Sacred Arts

In this presentation we will learn how Celtic Shamanic Ancestors used the act of creating art to deepen their shamanic states. All that is created through the connection between human souls and the pure creator energy of the universe is sacred. No matter how simple or complex a creation, that drawing, music, dance, poem, gesture or any other act of creation can be a window to or deepening of our shamanic state. What humans bring forth when in connection with the creator is sacred, even if only in that moment. Use these practices to deepen your connection to spirit, energize your ceremonies and enhance your creative practices with sacred energy. Even if you are not a creator or crafts-person, your soul is moved by some form of artistic creation. Discover your connection to the sacred art that speaks to your soul. Learn how adding a creative element can help you to deepen your shamanic practice during our transitioning times.​.

Joan Levergood is a full-time shamanic practitioner whose connection to the arts goes back to her childhood. Her paintings were shown locally in Chicago for a time in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, before she was seduced into the world of animal rescue and gonzo veterinary nursing. Her animal related adventures led her the study of shamanism in an effort to help save more lives. Along the way she realized that deeply experiencing art forms such as music or dance and her own state when painting had been creating shamanic experiences for her long before she learned to do a shamanic journey. Joan is on the Board of Directors of Society for Shamanic Practice. She lives in Chicago, Illinois with her spouse, musician and composer Douglas Johnson, 6 unique felines and a large pup named Ruby.


Jaime Meyer | Three Realms, Three Meditations to Build Power

Shamanic cosmology refers to the three realms or worlds: the upper, middle and lower. These realms can be aligned with an old Celtic idea of the Three Cauldrons of the Body. This presentation will offer you three potent meditations to build power, awe, mystery and trust between you and each of these realms.

Jaime Meyer’s eclectic background includes earning a Masters’ Degree in theology and the arts from United Seminary of the Twin Cities and studies with a variety of shamanic teachers. His book, Drumming The Soul Awake, is an often funny and touching account of his journey to become an urban shamanic healer. Since 2001 he has led popular group drumming events around the Twin Cities, including ten years of sold-out Winter Solstice ceremonies that draw hundreds of people. Jaime is the President of the Board of Directors of the Society for Shamanic Practice.

Twenty of his plays have been produced in various cities across the USA. He co-founded the first theatre in the world for the Hmong community (a refugee population from Laos and Vietnam) and managed it for ten years, mentoring hundreds of young Hmong actors and writers, and playing to 200,000 Hmong and non-Hmong people in various cities, including in refugee camps in Thailand.

Since 1983 Meyer has studied cross-cultural shamanism, mysticism and the spiritual uses of drumming from many cultures. Among others, he has studied with Jose and Lena Stevens, Ailo Gaup, Martin Prechtel and Sandra Ingerman. He has completed a two-year Celtic shamanism training with Tom Cowan.

Mary Olivar
Ben Boomer

Mary Olivar and Ben Boomer, CSEE | From the Source: Simple Practices for Living in Balance

Indigenous wisdom is the foundation of shamanism and shamanic practice. The Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange (CSEE) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to perpetuate the shamanic wisdom, culture, practice, and traditional ways of life of indigenous people world wide. In this presentation we share with you their teachings and some of what we have learned first hand from the indigenous people and communities we have supported directly through our projects.

Mary Olivar specializes in supporting people, teams, and businesses in harmoniously aligning with their true purpose, potential, and power. Her life’s work has been founded on promoting healing plants, encouraging vibrant living, and supporting the connection of action with the heart.  Dubbed the “Healthy Eating Guru” for Whole Foods Market, she led the company’s Healthy Eating team in inspiring thousands of people to take charge of their health and happiness. She is a member of the Board of Directors for the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange and a community leader for Shamanism without Borders. She has been honored to have studied with Jose and Lena Stevens, with the Wixarika in Mexico, and with the Shipibo in Peru. When not on spiritual adventures, Mary can often be found in Austin, Texas, happily singing, hunting for swimming holes, barefoot gardening, or creatively cooking for her husband and three well-fed children.

Ben Boomer is Dibéłizhíní (Black Sheep) of his mother’s clan born for the Boomer’s (Irish/French/German) of his father’s lineage. Growing up in Dinétah (Navajo Nation) has given him a perspective that spans cultures, and an identity that bridges worlds from traditional ceremony to cookies under the Christmas tree. As a shamanic practitioner, he has been humbled to learn about living a balanced life through listening to stories, songs, and teachings of his people, and those willing to share what they have carried forward from their ancestors. These gifts inspire his passion for empowering indigenous tribes to preserve their own wisdom and healing ways. The more this wisdom is empowered the more the world heals into harmony. Ben is the President of the Board of Directors of CSEE.


Stay tuned! Additional presentations and breakout group facilitators will be announced soon!


All sessions can be attended live and/or afterwards via On-Demand Recording

Day 1

Welcome to Society for Shamanic Practice’s 2021 Virtual Immersion Conference! SSP Board President Jaime Meyer will welcome us and explain what to expect during the next 3 days and how to get the most of this event. We will then move into the Opening Ceremony where Jaime will call in the directions and allies to help us create a ceremonial space for the weekend.

9:30 – 10:00 am MDT | Opening Ceremony
With Jaime Meyer

10:00 – 11:00am MDT | Powerful Toltec Practices to Prepare for the Future
With Jose Stevens, PhD

1:00 – 2:00pm MDT MITAKUYE OYASIN – All My Relations
With Chief Phillip Scott

3:00 – 4:00pm MDT | Artistic Practice: Deepening Shamanic Work with the Sacred Arts
With Joan Levergood

Day 2

Shamanism Without Borders Community Leader Mary Olivar will welcome you to the day with an opening prayer and what’s on the schedule today

9:30 – 9:45am MDT | Welcome, opening prayer, today’s schedule
with Mary Olivar

9:45 – 10:45 am MDT | Ceremonies to Release Fear and Anxiety
with Dr. Steven Farmer

12:30 – 1:30 pm MDT | Shamanic Practices for Raising and Stabilizing Your Energy
with HeatherAsh Amara

2:30 – 4:30 pm MDT | Shamanism Without Borders & Breakout Group Tending
About SWB with Katy Breunig then Breakout Journey Circles led by SWB Community Leaders

Day 3

Board President Jaime Meyer will welcome us to the final day, do an opening prayer and go over the schedule for the day. He will also lead us in a closing ceremony at the end of presentations today.

9:30 – 9:45 am MDT | Welcome, opening prayer, today’s schedule 
with Jaime Meyer

9:45 – 10:45 am MDT | From the Source: Simple Practices for Living in Balance
with Mary Olivar and Ben Boomer of Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange (CSEE)

12:30 – 1:30 pm MDT | Three Realms, Three Meditations to Build Power. 
with Jaime Meyer

2:30 – 3:30 pm MDT | Idir Áit – Sharing Irish Shamanic Traditions to be Fully Alive Between the Old and the New
with Dr. Karen Ward and John Cantwell

3:30 – 4:00 pm MDT | Closing Ceremony 
with Jaime Meyer

How It Works

The Immersion consists of nine virtual sessions by presenters of diverse backgrounds in the field of shamanism. The entire event will be streamed live, and recordings will be available for playback.

The event will offer Shamanism Without Borders Breakout Sessions and Tendings. Each breakout group will be led by one of our SWB Community Leaders.

You will be invited to join a private Facebook Group for all participants and presenters to connect and build community around this important topic during and beyond the event.

You will have the ability to stream the sessions during and for 14 days after the event.

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