The Healing Trauma Webinar


This webinar with José Luis Stevens MSW PhD will comprehensively cover the topic of trauma. We will talk about the psychological implications of trauma, the spiritual/shamanic perspectives about trauma and […]


Remote Shamanic Healing


The Power Path offers regular New Moon/ Full Moon group remote shamanic healings. The group remote healings are a wonderful way to get regular energetic cleanups, balancing and support. They […]


One Year Shamanic Studies Program

The Power Path Santa Fe, NM, United States

With Jose, Lena and Anna Stevens Our extensive shamanic training program began in the year 2000 with a seventeen-day intensive course that quickly ballooned to a two-year course through participant demand. This two-year course involved extensive travel to the Andes in Peru, the Amazon, Guatemala, and Mexico to meet and study with shamans on site. Eventually, as this type […]