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Jason Ford

The Foxes Burrow

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Jason ford is a polarity therapist and acupuncturist who has had a thriving practice for 31 years. A powerful shamanic healer and teacher, called by the spirits as a child, he has dedicated his life to a path of spiritual service.
Jason trained in ethical shamanic practices through core shamanism and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies
He is also an initiated mesa carrier in the Patchakuti Mesa Tradition of cross cultural shamanism.
He has worked with many great teachers such as Ninpo master Stephen Hayes objective artist D. Harris, Copper Thunderbird shaman Norval Morriseau and completed courses by Hank Wesstleman, Robert moss, Sandra Ingerman, Evelyn Rysdyk, dr Farmer, dr. Daniel Foor, Yaacov Darling Khan, Sharon Ramel, Jose and Lena Stevens of the Power Path school, etc.
This year as a swb community leader Jason will be hosting weely online healing services and monthly community shamanic trance dance events in which the swb work is a part of the community ceremony.

About SWB

Shamanism Without Borders is a global response network of shamanic practitioners who tend to traumatic events and natural disasters. Each of the practitioners listed on this page is available to support individuals or communities who would like help tending to a recent event. Many of them also host ongoing community events, which you can learn more about by contacting them directly. Please visit our Shamanism Without Borders page or if you would like to learn more about participating in this meaningful work.