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Camino de Santiago Retreat in Spain

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Join Karin Kiser on an exclusive 10-day journey in northern Spain along this ancient pilgrimage route. Together with your fellow shamans and energy healers, you’ll explore how to:

• Strengthen your connection with nature and with Source
• Enjoy daily exercise and self care
• Upgrade your body, mind and energetic field
• Work together as a group to bring healing to the planet

People from around the world have walked the Camino de Santiago for centuries – some for spiritual reasons, some for the physical challenge, others to find mental peace and clarity, and some for the simple adventure of it all.

What’s common to all who walk this path is transformation. Whatever your personal challenge or uncertainty, the Camino will show you the way. It’s the ultimate in living in the moment. You will feel fully alive and free, using all of your senses and experiencing every moment as new.

Are you ready for an upgrade? Next trip is Sept 2020. Email for details.

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Master Certification in Shamanic Energy Medicine from the Four Winds Society Light Body School

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