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Reclaiming Tradition of the 21st Century Heathen Volva/Seidr

Ivy C Mulligan,

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What exactly does the 21st century Heathen’s Reclaiming Tradition of the Seiðr and Völva entail? Living an aware and full Mystical Life. Just as the Earth lives and dies with the seasonal tides, or a new moon grows to full strength then wanes only to become another new moon, so does the life of the individual go through a cycle of rising strength, gradual decay, and eventual rebirth. In one fashion or another, each life is a culmination of lives from the past. No life is a single entity in the never-ending dance of life and death. We can learn from those lives that came before us, and what we do in this life affects many lives after our own. Living in this way demands that you consider carefully the past and that you take responsibility and care for what you do with your life in the present. Like other northern Eurasian shamans, the Völva and the Seiðr was “set apart” from her wider society, and with our in-depth teachings, we learn the art of reclaiming these arts in the Modern world.

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Master Shaman, Life coach, Reiki Master, Instructor of Wilderness Survival/Advanced First Aid, Crystal Therapist, Master Herbalist, Ordained Gythia, and Director of Religious Affairs; The Asatru Community.

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