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NameEvelyn C. Rysdyk & C. Allie Knowlton, MSW, LCSW, DCSW

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Internationally recognized shaman teacher/healer, speaker, and author of The Norse Shaman, Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power, A Spirit Walker’s Guide to Shamanic Tools, Modern Shamanic Living: New Explorations of an Ancient Path and a contributor to Spirited Medicine: Shamanism In Contemporary Healthcare, Evelyn C. Rysdyk and C. Allie Knowlton, MSW, LCSW, DCSW are in joint practice as Spirit Passages.

Their audio recordings are a perfect support to your practice.

Their "Shamanic Journey Drumming" CD has been a consistent best-seller on Amazon for many years. It has excellent total range and offers an introduction with rattling and whistling, an hour of the sounds of six drums drumming at exactly 4 beats per second, and a final track with call-back signal.

"The Norse Shaman" and "Norse Oracle" are designed to accompany the seiðr ritual

"Becoming the New Human" are guided imageries to help you master the "inner technology of your feelings.

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Shamanic tools have long been used to help practitioners reach altered states, perform healing work, and connect with spirit. In this directory you’ll find businesses who offer physical tools, like drums, rattles, feathers, etc. as well as guided meditations, courses, and other services to help you achieve specific goals.

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