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As Shamanic Practitioners, every sacred tool we choose to use is carefully chosen and personal in a special way. Some are old, some purchased new, and others are found in nature, inherited or gifted to us. Some we construct for ourselves and others are made specifically and intentionally for us. The tools we choose carry our energy, make practice more personal and are an outward sign of honoring our oneness with all that is our elders and spiritual allies. This site honors connection to Spirit through creativity. Our intention is to create sacred objects which will enhance your personal Shamanic Practice. We create with guidance, respect and intention. Thus, each sacred object becomes an extension of your personal shamanic practice.
As you look through the site you may find a sculpture, drum, rattle, pin, wand or mobile that speaks directly to you, however please feel free to contact us to discuss a commission piece done specifically for you.
Heart of a Deer is calling to you.

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Master of Arts, Visual Arts Education

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Shamanic tools have long been used to help practitioners reach altered states, perform healing work, and connect with spirit. In this directory you’ll find businesses who offer physical tools, like drums, rattles, feathers, etc. as well as guided meditations, courses, and other services to help you achieve specific goals.

Because of our limited budget and staffing it is not possible for us to vet or screen each and every shamanic practitioner who advertises with us or whose name is on various lists held by organizations that advertise with us. Therefore we have established a code of ethics policy, which all individuals and businesses listed on our website agree to as a guide for maintaining the utmost integrity in the service they provide. Please review this policy and rely upon your personal discernment, as only you know what is resonant for you.