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Name21 Days of Debt Release Program

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This 21 Day program is designed as an easy to follow and easy to follow through guided journey to help you clear your inner world so that you can allow more flow and abundance in your life. By walking this journey, step by step, for 21 days you are learning to release whatever no longer serves you. The daily transmissions include helpful statements and tools that will help you to release the old beliefs that keep you bound in debt.

Monthly live programs run each month on the cycle of the Moon. Use coupon code SSP8817 to receive 50% off the live program.

This program is about breaking the chains that bind you in debt, lack, and the state of owing, not having enough, and transforms your state of being to a new prosperity consciousness, that magnetizes and transforms your current life circumstances in ways you could not imagine.

When you enter the program, you are included in Chloë's daily meditations and at the end of your program you will be included in the Full Moon Fire Ceremony.

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Pampamesayok Shaman & Native American Healing Arts Practitioner & Instructor: Chloë is a professionally trained Master Life Coach. Educated and certified in multiple modalities, including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and Mindfulness Meditation & Vipassana Meditation. She is a modern day Shaman, initiated and trained in both Native American Healing Arts traditions and the Q'ero Pampamesayok Shaman Lineage of Andean Energy Medicine, as well as several other energy medicine psychologies. She is a certified Stone Medicine Practitioner and a YogaFit instructor.

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