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Jamie Stankosky

Shaman Soul Healing

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Shamanic Healing sessions in person or long-distance performed to release limiting beliefs at a Soul level.
These limiting beliefs effect our daily lives, preventing Joy, Bliss, Prosperity, Fulfilment and Clarity, among other things.
Soul Retrievals allow these feelings to be to be realigned so that you may experience the beauty of life through a fresh, new lens.
Illuminations clear past hurts, pain, anger, regret and fear at a soul level, which is the only way one really heals.
Other services offered are Energetic Cord cutting, Removal of Crystallized Energies, Blessings and Clearing of Physical Spaces using Sage, Palo Santo wood and Carnation Cleanses and REIKI .
I also assemble the Ayni Despacho ("right relation" ) which is a prayer bundle. The bundle is offered to Pachamama (Mother Earth) to manifest that which we would like to attract in our lives. Be it abundance or prosperity. The Despacho is also used to Bless a new home or business or welcome a new life into this world

Degree / Credentials

Shamanic Practitoner Certified by the Medicine Wheel "Create your Dreams" Shamanic Institute, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Physical Therapist with 31 Years Practice and classed with Sandra Ingerman, Author of "Soul Retrival: Mending the Fragmented Self"

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