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Do you suffer from chronic physical or emotional pain? Stubborn addictions? Behavioral problems? For thousands of years, shamans the world over have understood that health and well-being have an energetic as well as a physical or psychological aspect.

The benefits of shamanic healing include:
• Healing the root causes of chronic illness
• Increased vitality and engagement with life
• Releasing addictions and undesired habits
• Healing trauma and the influence of past lives
• Restoring the soul to wholeness and purpose
• Removing limiting beliefs and patterns
• Enhancing personal power and intention

Reclaim your birthright of health, vitality, and purpose.

Shamanic healing sessions are available in-person or remotely. Both forms are equally effective.

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How to Select a Practitioner

There are a number of advantages of seeing a shamanic practitioner in addition to seeking allopathic medical assistance. Because of our limited budget and staffing it is not possible for us to vet or screen each and every shamanic practitioner who advertises with us or whose name is on various lists held by organizations that advertise with us. Therefore we have established a code of ethics policy, which all individuals and businesses listed on our website agree to as a guide for maintaining the utmost integrity in the service they provide. Please review this policy and rely upon your personal discernment, as only you know what is resonant for you.