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DREAMING THE COUNCIL WAYS: True Native Teachings from the Red Lodge
Ohki Forest brings profound teachings of Native Councils based on Medicine Wheel Ways & the predictions on the entrance into the Era of Women. She demonstrates how Native Spirit Animal & Dream Body practices, ancient Native & Mongolian prophecies prepare us for the coming times & the inward transformation that we must accomplish to become true Humans.
Her powerful writings will be returned to over & over & are for those who seriously study shamanic Earth ways.
CDs & MP3 recordings:
8 CDs of Native Teachings featuring 4 Meditation CDs & 4 Journey CDs:
Each presented with a beautiful color booklet & spoken guidance & enlivening Maya music, Ohki's ancient & deeply transformational guided journeys & meditations transport you to new dimensions of awareness & deeper healing.
Red Wind Drum CD:
This Native Drum audio effectively & powerfully enhances your shamanic journeys.
See Ohki’s website for more books & CDs available.

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