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Eliberto Jimenez and Amalia ixmalé Forest

Red Wind Councils

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Founded in Chiapas by Ohki Forest, Red Wind Councils (see Training Organizations) offers the exquisite Medicine work of Maya shamans & artists Eliberto Jimenez & Amalia ixmalé Forest.
Eliberto is a Maya Zoque indigenous artist & healer. He creates powerful, one-of-a-kind, spiritually protective Animal bone Medicine pieces to wear or place on altars, & inlaid Animal bone earrings, all made from Horse, Deer, Wild Bull bones & Deer antlers collected in his Medicine walks or traded with Natives. His art work is based on his dreaming of Power Animal spirits.
Amalia ixmalé, daughter to Ohki & Eliberto, is a Maya/Mohawk healer & artist. Amalia creates powerful Medicine pouches & Healing necklaces with sacred herbs & special stones for inner transformation, dreaming & protective work, & special bags for your sacred objects. She empowers her Medicine pouches with prayers, placing them under the sun, moon & stars in the crystal Medicine Wheel of the Chiapas Red Wind Center.
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Ary and Jewelry have been part of shamanic traditions for centuries, often designed to help people connect with a particular medicine of a stone or power animal, and might provide energetic protection or help support healing. Here you’ll find a collection of offerings from contemporary shamanic artists and jewelers.

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