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My first experience of non-ordinary worlds were found as a child in nature. I learned from the creek, the stones, the trees, the feathered ones, four legged and other beings that I met along the way. I remember at this same age being shown images from the book “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran. I remember the deep impression they made on me and how this feeling was different than any other kind of art I had seen before and more like what I experienced in nature. Gibran’s black and white drawings are just one of many visionary artists that have encoded their work with a specific intention. Like my artistic predecessors, I am also finding my way to translate the information from my guides into a visual form that transmits their message.

Many of the images come directly from shamanic journeys and some reveal themselves in powerful dreams. I found that they will continue to show up in my dreams until they are painted. After creating these paintings for myself and seeing how they were helpful reminders of my path, I began to offer my skill as an illustrator and shamanic practitioner to others.

I offer Shamanic Portraits and Chakra Totem Portraits which are created from the information I receive in shamanic journeys. Read about my process for this work on my website. I look forward to creating your unique portrait.

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