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Advent Workshop – The Power of Rest and Darkness

December 1, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am MST

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Self-directed online course; material released weekly every Wednesday at 8am MST

A four week course of simple shamanic Advent practices to prepare for light while resting in the dark


This course has four simple Advent teachings and four simple spiritual practices to help you slow down and prepare for something new in the midst of a world grasping desperately at the crumbling old. At the end of this course you will have identified and connected with your personal north star, clarified the truth of your inner prophetic voice, given away something precious to make room for something new, and figured out how to know when Spirit is nudging you hard in the ribs with Her presence.

You are encouraged to take this course during the month of December in preparation for Christmas (hint hint; there might be a bonus teaching for you!) but you can also work at your own pace because hope is an evergreen practice.


Week One – Seeing the Star

Week one is about identifying at least one ‘star’ in your life that you use to guide you. I call this your personal North Star and it’s the one thing that stays steady age after age, continuing to direct your course no matter how the storms toss your boat, or how dark the night gets on your travels. Practices include spiritual stargazing, suggestions for starbaths, and practices for deepening your personal relationship with your North Star.

Week Two – Hearing the Prophet

Week two is about listening for the voice of true prophecy and discarding the voices of fear. In an age of such powerful media and terrible noise it can be hard to discern the voice of a prophet. A rubric will be provided to begin to identify what the voice of fear or ego sounds like, and what the voice of truth and Spirit sound like; most importantly; what they feel like in our hearts and how fear constricts our lives while true prophecy expands our choices and opportunities. Practices include awakening the prophetic voice inside of you, taking a guided fast from news and media, and receiving a prophetic letter from your future self.

Week Three – Giving the Coats

Week three is all about the phrase “If you want to keep it, you’ve got to give it away” and directly addressing our scarcity mentality. As we draw closer to Christmas, preparations for new light to enter our lives must begin with giving away things that are valuable to us. In this way we are cleared for something new to enter our lives. This week will be about identifying three things we value greatly – anything spiritual, emotional, relational, and even material – and figuring out a way to give it to someone who needs it. Practices include taking a brief inventory of our most prized ‘posessions’, taking an inventory of need, and crafting a gift that prepares the ground of your being to receive more from Spirit.

Week Four – Recognizing the Already/Not Yet

The final week is about learning how to poke holes in reality to speed up the in-breaking of God. It’s about learning to recognize the nudge we get from Spirit that tells us something powerful is already happening on Earth and we’ve been given a front row seat. It’s about learning to respond with joyful praise to the ways that Spirit has already brought about the miracles and change we have long been praying for and the work now is for us to bring them more fully into being by recognizing they are already all around us. Practices include keeping a log of ‘miracles’, identifying times Spirit has nudged you in the past so you can be more attuned going forward, and the sacred practice of sharing the good news with friends so that we can wait expectantly with each other.


Come join the Two or More hybrid online/in-person prayer group Wednesday mornings at 8am MST during the month of December when we’ll be praying with the theme of Advent all month.


Workshop alone is $100. Three full and three partial scholarship spots available. Contact rev.cindy@kardialumina.com for easy application to scholarship assistance.

Handmade Advent Calender without workshop is $50 with daily scripture, poems, prayers, and practices that support your work in this course. You can also purchase this calendar as a gift to be shipped to someone you love whether or not they’re taking the course. Last day to order calendar is November 15th!

Workshop + Calendar is $140.

Online course will be hosted on Padlet.com and no app download is required. Course link will be emailed 3 days prior to start of course. All advent calendars will be shipped to arrive by December 1st or earlier.


I am an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and follower of the Franciscan mystical tradition, as well as a student and guest of the Peruvian Shipibo and Mexican Huichol indigenous traditions who currently receive a tithe from my annual income. I’ve worked as a hospital chaplain in the cardiovascular unit, as a hospice chaplain, and now as spiritual counselor and shamanic song healer for people of all walks of faith.

I’m a perpetual student of Christian mythology and have learned many things about the teachings of Christ from the hundreds of iterations this tradition has taken in the past two millennia. I offer this course as my small contribution to the ongoing revelation of the power of human beings who live their lives anointed by Spirit – which is, as I hope you know, all of us.


Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber, Rev. Reagan Humber and the theologically brilliant congregants at House for All Sinners and Saints, Jose Stevens and The Power Path, Lucille Clifton, Jan Richardson, Bishop Yvette Flunder, Bishop Karen Oliveto, the members of Glide Memorial in San Francisco, and my favorite theological fiction author N.K. Jemisin.


10% of all proceeds go to support the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange in honor of the indigenous traditions from whom so much of my wisdom comes. I am always a guest in their many traditions and make it a practice to honor their primacy in my teachings.

Scholarships always available for BIPOC and queer* folks as well as anyone currently living in underserved locations. Contact rev.cindy@kardialumina.com for assistance.


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Rev. Cindy Pincus
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