Now Available for Playback!

Winter Solstice Ceremony

Led by Jaime Meyer 

Now Available for Playback!

Winter Solstice Ceremony

Led by Jaime Meyer 

The NORTH is the place of power, leadership, of good timing and right action. In this ceremony, we will work with the north on the medicine wheel, and with this year’s powerful winter solstice. You will learn about the incredible Reindeer Spirit, frequently referred to in northern traditions as “the mother of life.” You’ll learn two beautiful stories about her and ceremonially ask her to help bring you new power, vision and healing at this momentous threshold moment.


This event lasts about an hour and includes some fun storytelling, teaching, and two shamanic prayer-meditations intended to cleanse you of fears and draw new power into you so that you can make your way through the challenges and opportunities waiting you in this great shift of consciousness we are all in. It is the hope that this ceremony will help revivify you, bring you a welcome dose of spiritual glee, and provide healing, hope and power to navigate the year ahead.



Create sacred ceremonial space in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by other people or loud noises. Make a small altar, light a candle and have your drum, and rattle available, as well as paper and pen. Make sure your place is comfortable and allow yourself to be fully present.

About Ceremonialist Jaime Meyer

Jaime Meyer Soul Retrieval

​Jaime Meyer’s eclectic background includes earning a Masters’ Degree in theology and the arts from United Seminary of the Twin Cities and studies with a variety of shamanic teachers. His book, Drumming The Soul Awake, is an often funny and touching account of his journey to become an urban shamanic healer. Since 2001 he has led popular group drumming events around the Twin Cities, including ten years of sold-out Winter Solstice ceremonies that draw hundreds of people.

Twenty of his plays have been produced in various cities across the USA. He co-founded the first theatre in the world for the Hmong community (a refugee population from Laos and Vietnam) and managed it for ten years, mentoring hundreds of young Hmong actors and writers, and playing to 200,000 Hmong and non-Hmong people in various cities, including in refugee camps in Thailand.

Since 1983 Meyer has studied cross-cultural shamanism, mysticism and the spiritual uses of drumming from many cultures. Among others, he has studied with Jose and Lena Stevens, Ailo Gaup, Martin Prechtel and Sandra Ingerman. He has completed a two-year Celtic shamanism training with Tom Cowan.


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