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In Loving Memory

Bonnie became SSP’s first executive director when the organization was founded as the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. If not for her organizational skills and passion, we as a society would not exist. We are sad to announce that Bonnie Horrigan passed away on November 4, 2018.

Bonnie was a champion of integrative medicine with a personal interest and practice of shamanism. She always said she loved shamanism and shamanic healing because, “Shamans can change reality.” She saw its power and wanted to bring it more fully into western medicine in order to shift the western focus on technical prowess to a spirit-based healing art.

It was Bonnie who initially envisioned SSP as a professional society, established us as an educational not-for-profit organization, pushed for a journal, helped organize our conferences, and made our work in ordinary reality function smoothly and joyfully. She had a unique ability to see the gifts of people who hadn’t quite reached their stride in the world (diamonds in the rough) and avidly supported them. Her legacy in the world is better known outside the world of shamanism as an author, a publisher of an integrative healthcare journal, and the executive director for other organizations focused on transforming healthcare (see bonniehorrigan.com).

Bonnie was a true and dedicated visionary who followed through with hard work and determination. If you had Bonnie on your team, chances were you’d succeed. 

We miss you Bonnie. May your spirit continue to journey in the next life into yet another great adventure.

SSP Board of Directors


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